Harold Wood Cricket Club – Subs and Match Fees

Match Fees/Annual Subscriptions for 2020 season onwards -


Annual Subscriptions


A flexible solution to pay your annual subscription:


Adult Membership


Option 1


Pay Annual subs of £100 before the 15th April of the season – this will entitle you to £10 match fees on Saturday and £7 match fees on Sunday


Option 2


Pay your annual subscription along with your match fee on the day of a match – this means paying £15 for Saturday match fee and £12 for Sunday match fee. This is up to a maximum of 20 games where the player will then go back down to £10 Saturday and £7 Sunday match fees.

This will take place during 2020 and then will be voted on at the 2020 AGM.


Unemployed Membership


Same as above except for Option 1 it is a total of £50 with £7 match fee on both days and Option 2 it is up to a maximum of 10 games before falling to £7 match fee for both games.


The committee is proposing that we make this a temporary change for the 2020 season and then look for feedback before changing the constitution and Rules at the AGM 2020.


Junior memberships, Associate, Life and Coaching members unchanged.

£40 - Academy (all under 21s - including getting shirt and cap)


£40 - All Stars Cricket/Dynamos -

£40 All Stars (4-8 year olds) - includes kit bag
Sign Up here https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/At/haroldwood

£40 Dynamo (8-11 year olds) includes shirt
Dynamo Boys (8-11 year olds) sign up here https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/Course/ec221d00-5901-4383-8b7f-4a128d5eea76

Dynamo Girls (8-11 year olds) sign up here https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/Course/017a38fa-de81-43e5-8910-950ca8eada6e


£150 – Non-Playing Associate Members  (In line with the HWSA)

Please let jenniferpclarke@yahoo.co.uk (Treasurer) or 
glenwooding@hotmail.com (Membership Secretary) know when you have made a payment into the bank account.

Bank Name: Lloyds
Account number: 00318384
Sort Code: 30-92-93


Financial Hardship 
Any member who is having issues with paying annual subscriptions or match fees due to financial hardship should talk to their captain, coach or a member of the management committee. The management committee can then decide to waive any payment or create a payment plan for any money owed to the club if the management committee sees fit. Each case will be judged on its own merits.


Many thanks on behalf of the Harold Wood Management Team