Harold Wood Cricket Club – Subs and Match Fees

Annual Subscriptions for 2018 are:

  • £100 – Adults
  • £500 – Students/Unemployed (Over 21s)
  • £40 - Academy (all under 21s - including getting shirt and cap
  • £40 - All Stars Cricket - Sign Up here https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/Course/9831e3a6-9f49-4db5-98ec-58d1a36cbbc2
  • £150 – Non-Playing Members

    Download - Standing Order Form

    To manage the club effectively we need your annual subs to be paid promptly. To support you and the management team, we are supplying you with the clubs bank details (see below). This will enable you to set-up a monthly standing order or a one-off payment  to our bank from your bank. Or download the standing order form above - all payments must be made by 31st July 2018.
    The benefit to you of a standing order is that we don't start chasing you for a lump sum at the start of the season. The benefit to the club is that we start to get much needed cash available before the start of each season to pay for pitch rent and subscription to the various leagues. This is more important to you now that we have our new pavilion. As part of the rules of the HWSA, members will be issued a membership card when they have paid their subs. If you do not have a membership card you will not be able to use the bar facilities.

Financial Hardship 
Any member who is having issues with paying annual subscriptions or match fees due to financial hardship should talk to their captain, coach or a member of the management committee. The management committee can then decide to waive any payment or create a payment plan for any money owed to the club if the management committee sees fit. Each case will be judged on its own merits.

Match Fees for 2018 are:

  • Saturday - £10 – Adults
  • Saturday - £7 – Juniors & Unemployed
  • Sunday - £7 - Adults
  • Sunday - £7 – Academy Members & Unemployed

In addition no member will be eligible for membership or selection if they have not fully paid their 2018 subs by the dates below or have any outstanding monies owing to the club prior to the 1st league game of the season.
Can you ensure that if your bank asks you for a reference for the standing order (and they should do) that you use, Your Name and then the season the subs refer to, so for example: Glen_Wooding_2018. This will help our treasurer to track your payments.
Standing order payments must be completed by 31st July 2018. One-off payments directly into our bank account must be completed by 1st June 2017. Manual payments either by cash or cheque must be paid before the 1st league game of the season. 
Please let jenniferpclarke@yahoo.co.uk (Treasurer) or glenwooding@hotmail.com (Membership Secretary) know when you have made a payment into the bank account.
Bank Name: Lloyds
Account number: 00318384
Sort Code: 30-92-93

Many thanks on behalf of the Harold Wood Management Team