Harold Wood Cricket Club – Child Protection

ECB welfare information

Child Protection Notice


The protection and welfare of all junior members is the first priority for all coaches and volunteers of Harold Wood Cricket Club.

Harold Wood Cricket Club has adopted the ECB Document “SAFE HANDS” The Welfare of Young People in Cricket Policy.

All coaches and volunteers must make themselves aware of this policy, and also the Club’s own policy which is a comprehensive supporting document.  Both of these are available from the Club Welfare Officer.

The nominated Club Welfare Officer is:

Rob Netting


Any matters related to child protection or any problems may be discussed with the above or alternatively a senior member of the management committee.

First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Wherever possible more than one adult should be in attendance when administering first aid to injuries. First aid equipment will be available at the clubs premises. An accident report book is provided in each first aid kit. Parents and guardians will be informed immediately of any injury or illness.

Whenever there is injury or illness the following guidelines should be followed:

·       Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there danger of further injuries?

·       Listen to what the injured person is saying

·       Alert the first aider who should take appropriate action for minor injuries

·       In the event of a serious injury, call the emergency services

·       Deal with the rest of the group and ensure they are adequately supervised

·       Do not move someone with major injuries, wait for the emergency services

·       Contact the injured persons parent/guardian

·       Fill in the accident report book

Details of nearest services:

Accident & Emergency:

Queens Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford, RM7 0AE – Tel. 01708 435000

Matches and Practice

The club will ensure that a minimum of two qualified coaches are always present at colts training sessions.

No junior member will be allowed to play hard ball cricket without appropriate adult supervision. Specifically, practice in the nets can only be conducted with the authority of the coaches, and then it is subject to the junior cricketer's abilities.

Appropriate protective clothing and kit must be worn. Coaches and volunteers have the right to prohibit any junior from playing or practicing if they are not satisfied that this requirement is met. 

The following directives and guidelines shall apply for games, nets and practice sessions:

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Fast Bowling Directive and

Safety Guidance on the Wearing of Cricket Helmets by Young Players

It is the clubs policy to encourage all junior members to wear helmets regardless of the parental consent option.

The club is committed to ensuring that colts are able to enjoy developing their cricket skills and having fun in an environment which is safe, and encourages the support of club members and colts parents.

Recruitment and Training of Coaches and Volunteers

All of the coaches at Harold Wood C.C. have ECB qualifications, and are members of the ECB Coaches Association.  All have undertaken Good Practice and Child Protection training a First Aid Course and have current Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosures.

Any volunteers assisting with the coaching or regular contact with the junior members, have signed self declaration forms which have been checked by the Club Welfare Officer.


Click on the following link for our Anti-Bullying Policy

Rob Netting

Club Welfare Officer

On behalf of Harold Wood C.C. Management Committee