Harold Wood Cricket Club – 59 Club Saturday

59 Club
Saturday Bonus Ball Competition   

The allocated numbers are as follows:

1   Mark Goldstein
31   Susan Ware
2   The Banham-Scotts 32   Ross Wooding
3   Christopher Clarke 33   Dean Eades
4   Matt Sewell 34   Chris Sewell
5   Emma White 35   Ian Honeysett
6   Elizabeth Clarke  36   Ian Honeysett
7   Nicky Gibson 37   Mark Fowles
8   John Clarke
38   HWCC
9   Mark Goldstein 39   HWCC
10  HWCC 40   Karen Winters
11   Emma White
41   Kenton Hartwell
12   Darren Ellis 42   Ian Kernahan
13   Grenville Brown 43   Glen Wooding
14   Chris Low 44   Darren Ellis
15   Steve Brabner 45   Christopher Clarke
16   Charlie Fisher 46   Mike Hollingsworth
17   Barry Hall 47   Matt Hyam
18   Mark Fowles 48   HWCC
19   Ian Jones 49   Thomas Clarke
20   Steve Nicholas 50   Keith Donovan
21   Glen and Jen Wooding 51   The Boswells
22   Andrew Damery 52   Carly McGregor
23   Simon Rowe 53   Thomas Clarke
24   Mike Hollingsworth 54   HWCC
25   Chris Clarke  55   Christopher Clarke
26   Grenville Brown 56   Ian Wooding
27   Steve Faram 57   Stuart Sampson
28   Ian Jones 58   Jen Clarke
29   Gary Smith 59   Karen Winters
30   Chris Bennett

Harold Wood CC Bonus Ball Competition


How it works


· Participants select (or are allocated) a number between 1 and 59. This corresponds to a number in the Saturday National Lottery Draw.

· Every Saturday each participant who owns the number corresponding to the Bonus ball in the draw wins a cash prize of £35.

· Winnings are paid out monthly, directly into participants’ bank accounts.


What you need to do to participate


Set up a direct debit to Harold Wood CC Social Fund Acc No 03085832 Sort Code 30-97-13 for £5 per number every month. Email Ian Honeysett at irhoneysett@hotmail.com to:

· inform him that you have set up the direct debit

· give him a bonus ball number (or state that you are happy for him to allocate a number for you)

· inform him of the bank details that you wish any winning to be paid into.

He will confirm receipt of your email.


Message from the President


I am writing on behalf of Harold Wood Cricket Club to ask for your support in our Bonus Ball Competition. This has been running for a number of years and many of you already participate. I cannot underestimate how important this has been for the club. Each year the weekly draw has raised about £1500 towards club funds. This money goes directly into projects that maintain and enhance the infrastructure of the club. Over the previous few years, we have been able to use this money to buy:

· a triple mower to cut the fifth team outfield

· new sightscreens for the 3rd/4th XI pitch

· new covers so that we can now cover both grass pitches

· a new mower for the pitches and a line-marker


Our next project is to try and replace the storage container by the 3rd/4thXI pitch with a new larger container that will provide cover against the elements and house the scorer.

At the start of this year I have taken over the running of the bonus ball competition. Since I am now retired, I have the time to devote to the competition making sure that winning payments are made at the end of each month and winners are all notified.

Again, can I thank you on behalf of the club for your continued support if you already participate and to encourage you to join the competition if you do not. Perhaps there are other people that you know who may be interested in helping us? The minimum payment is only £5 a month which works out at only about £1.15 per weekly draw, for a weekly prize of £35. More importantly perhaps, it enables the club to continue to provide excellent facilities for cricket.


Best wishes,

Ian Honeysett

President, Harold Wood CC