Harold Wood Cricket Club - Covid-19 Match Day Actions and Preparations

Harold Wood CC Covid-19 Match Day Actions and Preparations 

Risk Assessment for 2021 Season (Click Here)

This is for all playing members to act upon during the 2021 cricket season

  • All members on the morning of the match should assess their own health - if they have a new persistent cough, a temperature or have lost smell or taste then they should not travel to the ground and should let the club know they can’t play.
  • All players when travelling to the ground should attempt to travel on their own and avoid public transport where possible
  • All players should wash their hands before travelling to the ground
  • All players should come changed and ready to play when they get to the ground – no changing rooms will be available
  • All players should bring their own food and drink for only themselves to consume before during and after the game (their will be no teas put on)
  • Players should bring their own hand sanitiser with them if possible
  • Toilets will be available for players - please follow signage - you must wear a face covering when inside the clubhouse
  • During the game the players and their bags will be situated in a designated marked area to the side of the pitch and away from their opposition - opposition will also have a designated marked area.
  • When playing the match players should continue to social distance themselves from other players and officials
  • No sweat or saliva is allowed to be added to the ball (there are match penalties)
  • When playing the game there will be time after every 6 overs to sanitize the ball, and players to sanitize their hands
  • Players should sanitize their equipment after using it (this includes batting equipment after being dismissed)
  • In case of wet weather players should work out a contingency plan for themselves. This may be that you can return to your car. But if not then an umbrella or similar waterproof clothing should be employed.
  • The club will attempt to get all match day equipment out before each game so that players do not have to interact with it - but help will be required to put it away and wiped down.
  • All players must make sure the club has up to date contact information - in case we have to contact you.
  • Match fees will be charged - £10 per adult £5 for under 21s - players will be invoiced this after the game via email. No cash will be collected.
  • Safety of course is the most important thing to remember - but all members should remember to enjoy the game and as ever abide by the Spirit of Cricket

Players/Officials Checklist

  • Do not travel if you feel unwell

  • Park where instructed by the home club’s protocols

  • Arrive ready to play/officiate

  • Bring your own tea/ lunch

  • Bring your own sanitiser

  • Adhere to all club hygiene cricket protocols

  • Photograph or copy team sheet cards

Club Checklist

  • Entrance and Exits shown on a ground plan

  • All relevant signage in place 

  • Test and Trace procedure in place

  • One way system in place within clubhouse and bar

  • Risk assessment complete

  • Cash transfer to be done electronically

  • Advise opposition of plans for parking and where they will be situated on match day

Spectators Checklist (no spectators allowed before May 17th at earliest)

  • Do not travel if you feel unwell

  • Park where instructed by the home club’s protocols

  • Remain 2m apart from all other spectators

  • Do not touch the ball if it comes off the field of play

  • Bring your own sanitiser

  • Adhere to all club Covid-19 protocols