Harold Wood Cricket Club - AGM 2018


This is to inform you that the annual general meeting of Harold Wood CC will take place at the clubhouse on Wednesday 28 November 8.00pm.

Please note that the following members are ONLY eligible to vote on all matters.

Those aged 16 and over on the date of the agm

Those who are fully paid up members on the date of the agm.

Any other proposal than those submitted by the management committee must be submitted in writing to the secretary G Brown, 166 Southend Arterial Road, Hornchurch, RM11 2SQ no later than seven days before the agm. All proposals must be signed by the proposer, second and if needed the NOMINEE.


1: Apologies

2: Minutes of last agm

3: Matters arising.

4: Chairman’s report.

5: Secretary’s report.

6: Treasurer’s report.

7: Other officers’ reports.

8: Captains’ reports.

9: Election of officers and captains etc.

10: Determination of subs and match fees.

11: Any other business.


President: I Honeysett

Life members: No additions

Additions to vice presidents: None

Chairman: T Clarke

Vice Chairman: D Eades

Secretary: G Brown

Fixture secretary: G Brown

Treasurer: J Clarke

Team secretary: A Willis

Club Welfare Officer: R Netting

Development Officer: T Clarke

Social Secretary: Vacant – Tom Clarke to take over for 2019 as Chairman if no replacement found           

Disability Co-ordinators:  K Donovan/B Donovan

Women and Girls Co-ordinator: Vacant –  Responsibility of Academy committee until a replacement is found

Playing Committee Chairman: G Wooding

Membership secretary: G Wooding

Sponsorship secretary: Vacant – Tom Clarke to take over for 2019 as Chairman if no replacement found

HWSA Representatives: K Donovan, I Gooding and R Wooding

Saturday 1st XI captain Craig Perrin

Vice-captain Hamzah Ikram and Shahbaz Khan

Saturday 2nd XI Captain Richard Bonner

Vice Captain Afra Malik

3rd XI Captain Tom Clarke

Vice-captain Brad Ayling

4th XI captain Jay Griggs

Vice-captain Michael Rowe

5th XI captain Geoff  Smith

Vice captain Ross Wooding

Sunday A Captain George Bryant

Vice-Captain Ajay Sahni

Sunday B/Academy captain to be nominated weekly by selection committee

Captain Chloe Brady

Vice-Captain Caitlin Hewson

Annual subscriptions

Full Playing Membership £100 (Inclusive of HWSA Membership including partners)


Students and unemployed £50(Inclusive of HWSA Membership including partners)


Academy (u-21) £40 (Inclusive of HWSA Membership)

Non-playing Association Cricket Membership unchanged at £20

Lifetime Cricket Membership unchanged at £20

All coaches to receive free annual membership providing they are actively participating

(Equivalent to £100 or £50 based on employment status)

Match Fees



Senior £10.00 U-21 and unemployed £7.00


 Seniors £7.00 u-21 and unemployed £7-00



1 Add the following Section of the MODEL CLUB CONSTITUTION to the Club Constitution  (this is an ECB requirement for Clubmark)


4.4 Removal of Membership, Discipline and Appeals

a)    Any complaints regarding the behaviour of members, guests or volunteers should be lodged in writing with the Secretary.

b)    Any person that is the subject of a written complaint or appeal shall be notified of the procedures to be followed by the relevant committee in reasonable time to prepare for any hearing.

c)    The Committee shall appoint a disciplinary sub-committee (Disciplinary Sub-Committee) who will meet to hear complaints within [21] days of a complaint being lodged.  Any person requested to attend a Disciplinary Sub-Committee shall be entitled to be accompanied by a friend or other representative and to call witnesses.  The Disciplinary Sub-Committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action on behalf of the Committee, including the termination of membership or exclusion from Club premises.

d)    The outcome of the disciplinary hearing shall be put in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the person against whom the complaint was made within [14] days following the hearing.

e)    There shall be a right of appeal within 14 days of receipt of the disciplinary decision or decision to refuse membership:

1 - against the Disciplinary Sub-Committee’s findings or the sanction imposed or both; and

2 against the Committee’s refusal to admit a new member

in either case, the Committee shall appoint an appeals committee (“Appeals Committee”).  The Appeals Committee shall have a maximum of three members which shall not include members involved with the initial disciplinary hearing but may include non-members of the Club.  The Appeals Committee shall consider the appeal within [21] days of the Secretary receiving the appeal.  The individual who submitted the appeal shall be entitled to be accompanied by a friend or other representative and to call witnesses.  The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding on all parties